The company

Founded in 1935 in Kiel as a workshop for precision mechanics. Through constant research and further development, basic research methods and well-known physical equipment were developed in cooperation with the Federal Institute for Milk Research.

Today, the company JTL (Janz Technik und Labor), located in Malente (near Kiel), has developed into a state-of-the-art service and manufacturing company for many industries. For example, as a supplier for industry or as a camera repair company. However, the main focus is still analytics for the dairy industry

Thanks to the foundation of a new company in Saxony and the participation in an analytics and research company in Berlin, complete solutions can be offered in the field of physical apparatus engineering with electronics, mechanics, PC control, engineering and science. An up-to-date machine park with CNC machining center as well as constant employee training are guarantors for precision on a high level in the sense of ISO 9000.

JTL offers custom manufacturing, is extremely flexible, known for its speed, versatility and reliability.

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