Entwicklungs-Etappen des JANZ-Revolvers

The Janz Revolver - and the connection to the Korth Revolver

The JANZ company – situated in the North of Germany near Hamburg – had been working for many years with the KORTH company
as a supplier for all parts of pistols and revolver because after an insolvency KORTH had no machines or tools for manufacturing.

Also the JANZ company considered a purchase of KORTH, but since there were no assets ,like machinery, left after the insolvency,
and an exorbitant price KORTH demanded, the idea was scrapped.

A short time afterwards the next Korth insolveny occured under the leadership of Graf Bernstorff.
Now the Janz Company had a large assortment of Korth revolver parts, unpaid bills and a lot of Know-How.

The question now was what should be done? Should the acquired knowledge be used to produce our own revolver?
What should it look like?

A spec sheet was established with the most important features for the future Janz Revolver:

  1. Caliber similar to the Korth Revolver, but in cal .44 Mag (which was NOT a Korth caliber to)
  2. Trigger system: the best, of course, like the one developed by Willi Korth
  3. Grips based on the S&W N or L frames
  4. Practical but beautifully executed surface treatments with technology „Made in Germany“
  5. All parts hardened and polished with the highest quality
  6. Pricing to be similar to Korth, based on production of about 100 units per year.

The emergence of the Janz Revolver

Key differences between the Janz-Revolver (2010) and the Korth-Revolver (1982)

  1. Timing from „Null“ totally re-engineered and therefore eliminated the Korth problem
    The Korth problem: When using DA the shot is broken unexpectedly.
  2. High adjustable front sight, and a stronger frame-top
  3. Quick change rear sight – suitable for numerous types of sports
  4. Easy adjustable trigger pull with visible „scale“
  5. New cylinder lock control with a very light spring action
  6. Mainspring variable, even hard primers can be ignited easily
  7. All calibers including up from .22lr to .454 Casull and barrel lengths to 12“ are possible
  8. The only unique Revolver System with changeable calibers in the world

And a lot of further advantages

Both Uwe Janz and Rene Ganz are both Master gunsmiths and engineers.
Today they are guiding the precision of the Janz Revolver in the spirit of Willi Korth…

Malente, June 2012